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In real estate, there’s always a good chance that a property’s past will affect its future owners. Before you finalize your purchase, you need a clear view of any financial, legal, or physical property issues that originate from the property’s past history of ownership. These issues need to be resolved before you close, so that your Title, or legal right to ownership and possession of that property, is protected.

To ensure that you purchase a clear Title, free from legal and financial complications, our Title Officers and Title Researchers conduct a rigorous examination of the property’s previous ownership history. We work to resolve the title issues that we identify in our search, and as a final protective measure, we issue you a Title Insurance policy, which covers any undiscovered title defects that emerge throughout your period of ownership.

Our Title Team is committed to providing you with an exhaustive and efficient Title examination. You can learn more about our Title Services here.

Our Escrow Services

We know how important it is to have an effective, neutral third-party Escrow Officer at the center of your real estate transaction, managing every outstanding requirement for settlement with precision and efficiency.

You can expect excellent service and accessibility from Security Title. From the moment you open escrow to the moment you close, our Escrow Officers diligently monitor the process, working closely with all parties involved to expedite your closing whenever possible. Our Escrow Team’s extensive familiarity with local and regional real estate transactions, lender requirements, and the title process all facilitate an expedient closing, so that the final closing date arrives before you know it.

You can find more information on escrow services here.

Our Commitment to Serving the Region

At Security Title, we believe in providing exceptional and comprehensive customer service. In serving Guam, Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, we support our specialized expertise of the local real estate markets with speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in the languages of the region.

With our team of trained, dedicated, and respected professionals, our timely, thorough title searches, and the most complete A-to-Z escrow services available in Micronesia, Security Title looks forward to providing you with the best title and escrow service in the region.
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Alien Property Ownership on Guam

This was originally published in the March 2014 issue of CasaGuam Magazine.  Click here to view the current and past CasaGuam issues. Title 21 of the Guam Code Annotated (GCA) § 1203 Who May Own Property, deals with Alien Property Ownership.   It states:  “Any person, except an alien, may take, hold, and dispose of real property [...]

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